Google’s Ultra High-Speed Internet Access in Mercer Island?

The City just put out a survey about it. But it’s not likely, if you take Google at their word that they’d like to test their ultra-high speed network in communities of 50,000 to 500,000 people. We’re at about 22,000 here in Mercer Island.

One comment on the survey was, “Any alternative to Comcast and Quest is welcome.” The results aren’t out and I didn’t hack into the survey. I know that comment because it was mine.

Google’s interested in enabling new uses and application developers, so if you’ve got any cutting edge ideas, add them to push us over the finish line. My contribution to new ways I’d use broadband included “Stream video without cursing at the tv.”

Consider answering the survey. Just don’t do it on Sunday night if you use Comcast, because network speeds are usually pretty slow then.


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