Walk Mercer Island

If you want to get to know the Island better, get the book Walk Mercer Island. You’ll find yourself at places you didn’t know existed. For example, did you know that there’s a suspension bridge here?

Apparently a very dangerous one:

I went on a few of the walks while I was on maternity leave with baby blogger. Most include a nice mix of scenery, points of interest and local history. Check the book website for more details.

Kris Kelsay, the author, is a Mercer Island resident. She says:
Recently, I’ve been puzzled when my hard-core walking and running friends didn’t know about the trails and cut-thrus in their own backyard. Then I realized they have become much harder to find. There is no guide available and many of the path signs have disappeared or been hidden with strategically placed landscaping or a potted plant; and some have simply become inaccessible, period.

There’s also views of Rainier, sunken forests, and hidden trails but I’ll let you find those walks. Definitely a book worth getting.


2 responses to “Walk Mercer Island

  1. Kris is our neighbor – great book and I’m glad to have someone with her energy in our community!

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