Feb 9 Special Election: Schools and Libraries

Yes Schools Yes

So say the signs in pink.

For greater elucidation on the schools levy, I turn to the Mercer Island Preschool Association:

Due to cuts in State funding, now more than ever our kids will depend on school levies. This February we will be voting on three levies. The General Levy pays for the salaries of 88 teachers among other things. The Capital and Transportation levies maintain and enhance our infrastructure. You can find more information at the CMIPS Yes campaign web site at www.misdschoollevyyes.org and the School District web site at www.misd.k12.wa.us.


A gift from Tim Eyman, approved by voters in 2001, was I-747 which limited property tax increases to 1%. This hatchet approach means that the King County Library system, which has seen usage increase by 43% since 2002 will have to cut its budget by 10-15%, as reported by  the Seattle Times. During a recession, people have less money for books and technology and rely on the library even more– and may even need to use it for job search or a career change. And could one make the case that we don’t need more education right now?

I’m voting for this one because we need libraries. But I wish we weren’t handcuffing our legislators to legislate. Enough of these initiatives where voters micromanage public budgets. Most voters don’t have the time to do that, nor is it an effective way to run a government. See California.


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