Next Week Last Week for the 2009 Farmers’ Market

At the market today the city was taking a poll on the hours for the market next year. At about noon, 11 am – 3 pm was way out in front:


Also, back in August you could sign up for trees subsidized by the City for planting around the Island. Today they arrived. Like many good things, they came in the back of a truck:


Vine maples seemed much more popular than the red cedars. I asked one of the tree attendants why, and he said lots of people were worried about how tall the cedars get. But that’s the point: there are a lot of tall tress on Mercer Island but more get cut down all the time. So planting tall trees helps the remaining groves survive over time. And out thinking for getting one was that it’ll strengthen the trees around our house, and hopefully keep them from falling on us.


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