All of Mercer Island a Wildlife Habitat?

It was a week of causes at the Mercer Island Farmer’s Market:


Creating Wildlife Habitat on Mercer Island

IslandVision was there, encouraging all Mercer Island home-owners  to certify a wildlife habitat on thier property. They’re working with the National Wildlife Fund as part of a the national program.  In short, you agree to

  • Provide food with native plants and feeders
  • Provide a water source
  • Provide cover
  • Provide places to raise young
  • Practice sustainable gardening

The good news about all the “provide” statements above is that having native plants and using sustainable gardening get you most of the way there without additional landscaping or expense. For example, mature trees can be a place for wildlife to raise young.

IslandVision were the ones organizing the tree givaway, and they were instrumental in getting the Farmers’ Market to Mercer Island in the first place.  They’ve got a bunch of sustainability projects.

Oh, and they were also giving out horse manure.

State Route 52o Info

A couple of bored guys from the Washington State Dept of Transportation had a booth also. They were explaining the benefits of the SR 520 bridge replacement and HOV program. The fact that they were on an island that sits on I-90, not SR-520, might have contributes to the lack of interest from the farmers market attendees and their resulting boredom.


Of course, a bike lane and good tranport on SR520 can do a couple of important things for Mercer Island:

  1. Keep traffic off I-90, so we can get on and off the Island without gridlock
  2. Give us a new biking loop: Lake Washington to SR-520 to East Side trails

Making room for the causes, there seemed to be fewer food stalls than before. I’m hoping that’s fall coming on, not lack of interest from merchants. But even in the rain last week there seemed to be plenty of foot traffic. And if you consider good pizza, cider and fresh veggies to be causes, there have always been a few at the market.


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