Tree-Up at the Farmers Market

Tomorrow and Sunday September 13 you can put in your order at the Farmers’ Market for subsidized trees for fall planting. Order either of two native species:

Vine Maple

If you go hiking you often see these trees on the edge of tall forests or in avalanche chutes. It’s a smaller tree with \beautiful fall foliage. King County recommends it for its “ability to hold stream banks and eroding soil,” so any of you living on steep slopes or beside ravines might want this one.

Western Red Cedar


A grand and long lived tree” that’s better for level areas with some room to spread.  These will help strengthen some of our existing groves against blowdowns in the fall wind storms once they grow.

IslandVision, the local sustainability group, is organizing the sale and the City is subsidizing the trees. I suspect they’re buying in bulk from the Department of Natural Resources.

What to Do

The Farmers’ Market events page mentions the pickup date only, but IslandVision’s handy newsletter makes the logistics clear:

Stop by the IslandVision table on 8/30 or 9/13 at the MI Farmers Market to sign up for Vine Maple or Western Red Cedar (2 gallon size) trees to be distributed on Sunday, Oct 4 & 11th.  This is a great way to green up your place and reduce your carbon footprint–these species have been chosen because they are healthy sinks for carbon dioxide and do well in our pacific northwest environment.  Very low cost, as the City is subsidizing the bulk tree purchase under their sustainability initiative!

Trees seem to be going down on Mercer Island much faster than they’re coming up. The arborist thinks it’s a good idea to plant trees. And if you stop by to order a tree you can get a tasty cupcake or ice cream bar at the market.

Photo credit: Vine Maple, Mike Putnam. Western Red Cedar, Elle-Epp; flickr.


3 responses to “Tree-Up at the Farmers Market

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  2. Richard Gillingham

    I Googled for western red cedar for sale and hit your blog from last August. We are looking to add both types of trees you show to our property. Can you tell me if there will be another of this kind of sponsored sale in the near future?

    Thanks for any info you can provide.


  3. mercerislandblogger


    I talked with the folks giving out the trees this year and it sounds like they intend to do the same next year.


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