Tomorrow: Deadline to Mail King County Primary

It’s been a few weeks– vacation and vacation recovery. But as tomorrow is the deadline for the King County Primary, I’m swinging back into action. Plus I need to figure out how to vote.

The Contenders

According to my Voters’ Pamphlet,there are eight candidates. Much as I respect Goodpaceguy, I’m going to rule him out as a serious candidate. Sorry, Guy. Susan Hutchinson and Dow Constantine are leading. Fred Jarrett is the hometown candidate. He’s our current State Senator. Let’s look at those three.

Fred Jarrett

MIHS_logoJarrett graduated from MIHS and has the endorsement of the Mercer Island Reporter. He used to be Mayor of Mercer Island, which I for one think is a pretty nice place and not at all gone to hell, so he gets some credit for being able to manage as an executive. He can also claim some credit on the Light Rail project and has been  very involved in education and the environment while in politics. He’s a numbers guy and has some details on why we’re in this fiscal mess: an over-budget payroll system and higher-than average transit operating costs. (Reccession ’09 isn’t helping.)  His platform is worth a read as he’s got a good point of view on other issues as well.

Susan Hutchinson

kiro-tvSusan was an anchorwoman at KIRO-TV for most of her career and now works with a number of nonprofits. There’s nothing particular wrong with her position piece, except perhaps an over-reliance on ALL CAPS. But in that and in  her platform she espouses some great causes but is short on the how, critical in a county that’s talking about shutting all its parks. (Aside: is that a joke? Are we really considering shutting all our parks? Recession ’09 sucks.) Because she’s extremely light on details, together with her lack of experience in government or executive roles, I’m wary.

Dow Constantine

cute-catsDow played a part in making light rail happen as a member of the Sound Transit Board, which makes me think he can get things done in a state where 3 referendums on a subject can’t be considered the final word. He’s got experience in Washington politics and also practiced law for 19 years in the real world. He’s got a coherent platform with details, even if the “Reform” page is still under construction the night before the election. The labor unions are backing Constantine, isn’t necessarily a good thing. But he seems to be a solid candidate and he and his wife have two rescue cats– he gets the cute vote.

Don’t Forget to Mail Your Ballot

This isn’t an endorsement of any candidate, just an attempt to share my math as I decide who to vote for. Whichever way you go, get an opinion and mail it in tomorrow. King County’s closing parks and cutting all kinds of other funding– we need some leadership.

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