I-90 Closures Start Today

A reminder that today I-90 closures start, funneling all Westbound drivers into the Express Lanes. Several on/off ramps will also be closed for a couple of weeks.

According to the handy WSDOT “What’s Happening Now” page, commuting from I-405 to Rainier Ave is taking about 31 minutes. Or check the traffic map, which tells the story:


Bike commuting is a good option, so is changing your hours. Anyone brave rush hour today and got stories to tell of it? I’ll also be posting photos as I get them.

2 responses to “I-90 Closures Start Today

  1. I had no problem going to the Eastside and back today. Take the East Mercer exit (westbound) and go up Gallagher hill. Easy.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Yeah, I went westbound this morning at about 8:15. Island Crest wasn’t backed up at all getting on the highway, which I thought would be the worst part. The highway was slow until Rainier but not too slow.

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