Boys and Girls Club PEAK Project Breaks Ground

This morning at 10 am, the Mercer Island Boys and Girls club broke ground on a new facility at the Mercer Island High School campus.

From the official press release:
More than 150 Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club youth, community leaders, Mercer Island city council members and school district officials were on hand to mark the next step forward for the organization.

I wasn’t there, I was at work, but the Club sent me these photos. Here, Blair Rasmussen (left) welcomes the crowd and Milt Reimers (right) reflects on the journey to get to the groundbreaking.

Blair-Rasmussen-2 Milt-Reimers-2

Also from the press release: The groundbreaking comes at the end of a four-year capital campaign and is preceded by a multi-year dialogue with the local school board, city council and the community at large, led by current and past leaders of the organization. In a time of operational budget deficits for many, this project is an example of a community working together to develop a comprehensive hub for youth services.

As we’ve noted before, Mercer Island pulls together nicely (though I wouldn’t expect those guys in suits to do much serious construction beyond today.)


And finally, for the curious, what the project should look like when it’s complete, from the Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club website.



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