Mercer Island Farmers’ Market 2009 Opening

Today is the first day of the season for the Mercer Island Farmers’ Market. Lots more vendors this year, and good ones:


More cheese,


Farmers Market 2009 Opening 005

And breads,

Farmers Market 2009 Opening 004

And still lots of vegetables and flowers.

Farmers Market 2009 Opening 006

Apparently it’s going to be a good year for the cherry crop:


There’s more food to eat right there, like crepes, soups, cupcakes, cider, as well as the pizza and ice cream that were there last year.

Farmers Market 2009 Opening 008

And there’s music.

Farmers Market 2009 Opening 007

The market even stretches around the corner with some more booths, one with master gardeners who will tell you what to do if you have some #!$%!! weeds like we do.

Farmers Market 2009 Opening 009

Welcome back, Farmer’s Market. It’s on til 3 today (11 to 3 pm Sundays til Oct 10) so you’ve still got time to get over there.


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