Tribute to the I-90 Bridge on its 69th (and Warnings)

The tribute is not mine, in this case. I’ve written about out the good old bridge plenty. But Dusty Moments wrote a nice tribute, complete with a photo full of atmosphere, on the occasion of the original bridge’s opening in 1940.


Photo by Dan Williams, Dusty Moments blog.

And the warnings are more like reminders, of closures that affect our bridge to the rest of the world:

  • This weekend, the 520 bridge will be closed from 11 pm Friday night to 5 am Monday morning. Expect higher-than-normal traffic on I-90.
  • Starting July 5, the Westbound lanes will be closed for 3 weeks. All Westbound traffic will go into the Express lanes. Expect longer delays than during the May closures, since more lanes will be closed.

One response to “Tribute to the I-90 Bridge on its 69th (and Warnings)

  1. My father took his family- including me- over the new I-90 bridge the first night it was open.

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