Car Chase on Mercer Island

Well, this is pretty rare: a shooting on Mercer Island and police chase, resulting in an minor injury to an officer and arrests.

Here’s the news video (clicking takes you to the KTVB site):

Not much information, but from what I can tell these folks were parked at Luther Burbank around at 4:30 am on North Island (yes, it is that light out at 4:30 am now). News articles don’t mention what the occupants of the car were doing, but I bet they weren’t swimming or pikniking. A MI officer tried to stop the car, a chase ensued in North Island, and the car ended up driving into a ravine. The folks must have been from off-Island or they would have known not to drive into a ravine.

From the Seattle Times, turns out that the car was stolen. We haven’t had this much excitement since last June, when police caught a bank robber after a chase from Seattle to Mercer Island. What is it with June and car chases?


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