I-90 Closures Start Today

Today starts three weeks of Express Lane closures, with another closure to come in July. Here’s a look at repairs to the highway that connects us Islanders to the rest of civilization.

“We Put this Off As Long as We Can”

First, click to go to the Bellevue Reporter to see a video about the repairs:

Useful Info from the DoT

Next, the FAQs from the Department of Transportation.

Finally, a Plan

jputnam’s back at it again, he and his helmet cam taking on the bike commute over I-90. If the weather’s good, this may be your best bet to get out of traffic during the closures.

Or, you could just take the month off. Happy bridge closures!


3 responses to “I-90 Closures Start Today

  1. The first week of the closure, I was concerned about making it on time to the weekly meeting I attend on the island. Traffic was definitely snarly, the radio news was discussing the back up every 10 minutes, it seemed like.

    Week two was easier to navigate; definitely less traffic. I wonder if more people are biking around.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    It seemed the same to me. I’ve also noticed that getting home is worse than going to work (I work in the city). But I heard it’s been pretty gnarly coming in from Issaquah.

    The weather hasn’t been cooperating for biking. I biked this morning, and since I’m not hardcore enough to bike home in the rain I had to bum a ride from a colleague.

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