Bizarre Food News

The FDA says that pistachios potentially contaminated with salmonella were sold in Mercer Island. Here’s the recall info if you bought a bag recently.

In other somewhat unusual food-related news, halibut fishing opened today. And apparently Lake Washington between South Mercer Island and Renton has been good for cutthroat trout this year.

Anyone out there with a pier on South Island who catches their dinner fresh? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

Photos: Thanks to ahj1963 for the nuts and the fishologist for the trout.


3 responses to “Bizarre Food News

  1. Personally, I’ve never eaten fish from the lake, and never would. It would be interesting to test one for pollutants. Here’s a handy real-time map so you can keep track of raw sewage discharge into the lake, in case you care what your fish has eaten lately. Of course that doesn’t include any leaks in the submerged pipes like were found a few years ago.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Wow– scary map. Somehow knowing where all the sewage comes from so specifically makes it worse. Fuels the imagination too much. Thanks for the link, Dave.

  3. No, not scary. First of all, this tracks “combined” sewer and wastewater, not “raw sewage”. Second, there were ZERO gallons of overflow into the 4 Lake Washington stations in all of the 2007-08 reporting period. So, watch the “real-time” map all you want – nothing’s going to happen in Lake Washington.

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