Bridge Closures and Phantom Trains

Ouch– I-90’s going to be restricted or closed quite a bit over the coming months:

  • May 4 to May 23: Express Lanes closed (otherwise known as the Light Rail Construction Preview Period)
  • July 5- July 28: All 3  Westbound lanes closed

In other transportation news, the Seattle Times speculates that Seattle will get some of the $8bn that Obama set aside in the Stimulus Plan for high-speed rail. There’s no indication that this area will be a big focus of that spending (or that it won’t), but everyone likes to hear about spending these days. This could create another phantom train– much talked about, much planned and a little less-than-fully-budgeted-for train system engenders so much debate that it almost seems real before its even built. Light rail over Mercer Island by 2023!

phantom-bridge Where’s the train?

Photo: David Sherret on Flickr.


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