How to Get a Scooter to Mercer Island

Does anyone know? So asks a poster in Seattle LiveJournal. My husband has a scooter and got it here on a moving truck. He hasn’t been able to figure out how to get it off-Island (legally) since.


Helpful LiveJournal commenters suggested:

  • Is this a one time thing? You could just walk it across.
  • Does your scooter double as a jet ski?
  • Walking the bike paths seems acceptable, but really annoying.
  • Carry it?
  • Yes, there’s the ferry from Leschi. Bring two coins. (Another commenter notes said ferry has been closed for years)

The debate made me wonder how our real estate scooter visitor of last month got here.

Anyway, if anyone knows how to get a scooter on or off the Island without a truck or a ferry, leave a comment.

Sweet scooter photo credit: Mr. Arf!Arf! on Flickr.


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