Cheese Deluxe: Mercer Island in the 60s

A few months ago I heard about a book called Cheese Deluxe, a memoir of living on Mercer Island as a teenager in the 60s.

For having bought a book based solely on the setting, I got lucky. Greg Palmer, the author, creates a cast of characters (many of whom he says are based on real people) and follows them through a series of loosely-connected stories. That’s probably a better way of expressing high school life than presenting a tight story arc. Palmer isn’t afraid of poking some taboos now and then, like in the first chapter when he describes a Boy of the Month nomination that was aborted over a misunderstanding of fairies.

Island Books apparently had the author in the store back in December, but I missed it. There’s a nice video in the MI Reporter article of Greg reading from the book. Of the people on whom the characters were based, “a few are here tonight.”

It’s worth reading, even if unlike me you aren’t hung on on wondering what places looked like in past decades. You can get it on Amazon.


2 responses to “Cheese Deluxe: Mercer Island in the 60s

  1. My name is Melissa. Greg was my uncle, and Cathy (named in the book) is my aunt. They were my godparents and I can’t tell you how privileged I feel having them as a part of my family. Thank you for writing this about my uncles book. Its by far one of my favorites.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Cookingfiend, thanks for writing! I loved the book and I often think of what Mercer Island must have been like back then when I drive by where the old Cheese Deluxe was.

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