The Modern and the Inane

It’s time for more house porn. First, from the blog of House and Home Design, a modern lake house by Hutchison & Maul Architects.

I love how the perspective of the living room draws you to the horizon:

There are more pictures on the architect’s site.

And some ranting on not-so-beautiful McMansions by architect Jerry Gropp on Rain City Guide. He’s a man of few but scathing words: “Mercer Island and a lot of other nice places are being overrun by “Spec Builders” madly producing these oversize boxes with their wide white trim. Other tell-tale touches of their indifferent computer-driven drafting (don’t call it “design”) are the tapered posts with pasted on faux river rock.”

A study in contrasts.

3 responses to “The Modern and the Inane

  1. Screw you class-conscious pigs. You have a house, NOT a home–and how pompous to despise and look down upon “draft-design” houses when that is what some can only afford. Don’t reply with some arrogant retort; let it sink in so your ugly ego may heal, please.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Sorry you’re bent out of shape, Jared. I still don’t like those houses, but I’m sure some people do or they wouldn’t buy them. I’m interested in architecture and how our common aesthetic is evolving, and I find it interesting to blog on it sometimes. WordPress offers a free blogging platform– feel free to start your own anytime.

  3. Jared it’s not about pompous egotistic people, its about people who take a stand against what is essentially the destruction of “Architecture”. The only style that is proposed is a larger house shoddily built. Any day would I take a small modern cozy house which caters to a family and communication, rather than a McMansion which caters to separation of family, and the art of mass production.

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