Coming Up: Special Election, Kayaks, Wine

Quiet weekend on the Island with winter struggling to be itself: we’re in for a warming trend this week.

We’re in for a few other things this week too:

Special Election Tuesday Feb 3

vote-special-election-king-county-feb-3We’re voting for Director of Elections this Tuesday in an all-mail ballot. I’m voting for Sherrill Huff because she has the job now and by all accounts seems to be doing a good job. She’s also endorsed by 35 County Auditors, an amazing feat which means she must be good at keeping to the straight & narrow. No one could food 35 auditors. Location: the mail.

Wine Tasting on Thursday Feb 5

And there’s a wine event on Thursday. Scott Paul Wines Burgundy & Willamette Valley Wine Tasting, $10. Here’s what they’ll be tasting.
Location: Cellar 46

Sea Kayak and Canoe Winter Festival, Feb. 7th and 8th


Wondering how to dress for paddlesports? What are the ins & outs of the paddlezone? This event from the Washington Water Trail Association’s for you. Other topics that I didn’t even know I didn’t know include:

  • Capsize Recoveries & Rescues-Which ones are best for you?
  • Sea Kayaking the Inland Northwest and Lower Columbia River
  • Chart Reading 101

Find more on the website. Location: Mercer Island Community Center.

Vote button photo: Contra Costa Times


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