Where to Watch the Inauguration on Mercer Island


The short answer, so far, is at home. Which is unfortunate. Several businesses around Seattle are opening early to let neighbors watch it all together. But so far, none on Mercer Island.

UPDATE: Ken Glass tipped us off that the Starbucks at South Island and on 27th will show the Inauguration live. Thanks SBUX!

I’ve called the Roanoke, the Islander, and Bennett’s to see if any of them will be open for the Inauguration ceremonies, which start about 8 am Tuesday. So far no luck- they all open at 11 with no special hours for tomorrow. Of course, they’ll be open in the evening for celebration on their normal schedule.

Anybody know of a place that will be open? Leave a comment.

There’s also a potluck being thrown by a private citizen on Mercer Island, sponsored by Moveon.Org. It’s open to the public but you need to RSVP.



4 responses to “Where to Watch the Inauguration on Mercer Island

  1. Thanks for looking into this. I also wish a cafe, restaurant or bookstore on the island was hosting an event. I work from home and I’d love to watch the inauguration with others!

  2. mercerislandblogger

    I agree, Julie. If no MI businesses step up, you can also go to the Paramount or City Hall downtown to watch.

  3. mercerislandblogger

    Thanks Ken! I didn’t check Starbucks because I didn’t know they had TVs. I’ll update the post itself as well.

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