Ralph Andersen on Mercer Island

We’ve talked Miller-Hull and Steinbruek, now let’s talk about another great Northwestern architect: Ralph Andersen. There are four of Ralph’s homes for sale on the Island– we can use the listing photos to look inside.

Island Crest Way

A small Ralph Andersen home built in 1983. It’s not much to look at on the outside but it’s got a gorgeous interior with great views.


Ralph Andersen loved those big windows. So do I.


Nice open floorplan. Sweet views.

And it’s the least expensive of these homes, at $945k.

Island Point

This home still has the Ralph Andersen bones, but when the agent says it’s been “updated for today’s lifestyle” it’s true. It seems to have lost a bit of character in the remodel, but you can still see classic Andersen touches: the vaulted ceiling, tall windows in the door, and generous windows. And it’s pricey- $2.6 million.


Remodeled, but the door and hanging lamp give it away.

81st Ave

Classic Ralph Andersen exterior. He really knew how to make a house work with its surroundings. Bad photos on this one, so we can’t see much inside, but we can see it’s going for $1.95 million. For that money, I’d take better pictures.


I can almost hear the birds and the window washers singing.


This 1964 mid-Island home by Ralph Andersen sold last year.


Angles, large entryway, garden. Classic Andersen.


Windows & cedar.

Lindley Rd

This one, a 1963 Ralph Andersen on a large lot, is all Northwest.


Geometric, but not harsh.

Not updated too much. It’s like a Ralph Andersen textbook.


Spacious entryways with arches and stone.


High vaulted cielings, open spaces, & cedar.


Dramatic staircase. And that lantern again!

We’re lucky to have some great design on the Island. The McMansions are attacking, but they haven’t won yet.


2 responses to “Ralph Andersen on Mercer Island

  1. There’s also Paul Hayden Kirk (I just stumbled across MLS# 29003821)

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Thanks for the tip, Keith- that’s a nice house. Maybe I’ll pull together some Kirk photos for a future post.

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