We Need an Independent Coffee Shop on Mercer Island

We’ve got an independent bookstore, why not an independent coffee shop? There’s two Starbucks’ and a Tully’s on the Island– both local companies. But not independent.

Here’s some commentary on buying local from Island Books:


From the bookstore you can go to Cellar 46, but apparently you can’t go back.

It should be in North Island, maybe in Mercerdale. It should be cozy, with a fireplace. It should have much better food than either Tully’s or the Buck.

How about a bakery/ coffee shop with quiches, ham and cheese croissants and homemade soups?


Delicious croissant, please come to Mercer Island. Credit: junstine.foong, flickr.

For any entrepreneur thinking of starting one, here’s the case for doing it in a recession: people spend more time in coffee shops when work hours are reduced. My friend, a tech contractor, works several days a week in a coffee shop and has for years. Now he has trouble getting a table anyplace.

Imagine, during our latest snowstorm: walking up to North Island, into a cozy coffee shop with a fireplace and some newspapers (I know Starbucks on N. Island has a fireplace). A local gathering place with its own character, in the great Seattle tradition of great coffee shops.

we need a fireplace like this in mercer island

An Americano some local chatter, please. Photo credit: Henry Bonell on Flickr.


4 responses to “We Need an Independent Coffee Shop on Mercer Island

  1. Your north-end bias is showing. 🙂 There are actually 5 Starbucks on MI. There are two at the south end including the QFC, which is often-times faster and better than the stand-alone Starbucks. And I agree that we need an independent coffee shop.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Dave, you cause me to question my own prejudices and, though I live mid-Island, I find that I do have a North Island bias. It’s mostly because we all have to drive through there to get on- or off-Island. North Island is also denser and near other shops, which would make walking traffic a lot higher.

    But maybe a South Island coffee shop could work too, if it became enough of a destination. Mid-Island, I think, isn’t zoned for such a thing.

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