Snow! And Other Notes on the Island

First snow of the year!

First snow on Mercer Island winter 2008-2009

Well, snow two days ago and expected again in two days. Richard Sprague has a nice snow pic too.

And a few notes from around the web on Mercer Island:


A shout-out on Cellar 46 from the P-I. Haven’t been there yet myself but I’d like to go. “On Mercer Island we have Cellar 46 which offers live music, small plates and places to sit including a bar and tables. It has a cozy neighborhood vibe.”


And a shout-out from a very pink, delightfully stream-of-conscienseness reading blog about Island Books. She’s right- we’re lucky to have a great independent bookstore. Buy books there for the holidays.


2 responses to “Snow! And Other Notes on the Island

  1. Haven’t been to Cellar 46? My oh my! GREAT place…go…go…go!

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Thanks for the tip Ken- we’ll go! Maybe over the holidays.

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