Start Planning Your 2020 (or 2023) Commute

Since a majority of us approved Prop 1, Mercer Island will get a light rail station by 2020. Per the Reporter, light rail will replace the express lanes on the center of the three roadways. The system map:

Green line, you’re looking good. From MassTransitNow.

Before You Make Any Firm Plans

Before light rail can come here, HOV lanes need to be added to I-90’s outer roadways. According to the WSDOT’s website, that’s not going to happen til 2023 (end of Phase 3). So either the HOV lanes get sped up, or move out your commute planning a few years. You may retire before your light-rail-enabled commuting plans see any action. Or maybe the world will end in 2012.

I wonder if we’ll get new parking for the train? Mercer Island’s P&R parking is already full, as you know if you read this blog or try to park there.

News From Our Green-Line Friends

Slog, the Stranger’s blog, reports the planned Capitol Hill light rail station is meeting some resistance on the grounds that about 70 trees will be cut down for the station. Really, the best thing about this post is the comments that refer to the slanted photos of trees. “Isn’t it a bigger deal that gravity has somehow warped atop Capitol Hill? …. I’m worried about all the hipsters sliding across Broadway.” Heh.

Mercer Island, being a respectable neighborhood, has a blog that gives you level photos of trees. More or less.

Bonus Link

In celebration of a new rail system for Seattle, here’s a photo of Seattle’s 1929 rail depot from one of my favorites local blogs, Vintage Seattle.


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