Park and Ride Still Short on Parking, Riding

The travails of Mercer Island’s Park & Ride continue. Yesterday I had a chance to be at the P&R mid-day, and saw plenty of cars whose drivers had worked them onto the end of rows.

Rogue parkers. License plates blocked to avoid getting anyone busted.

More rogue parkers, license plates also blocked. Those are political fliers, not tickets.

It’s technically a parking violation, but you can’t really fault drivers who arrive to catch their bus and can’t find a place to park.

Fred Butler, Issaquah Council Member on the Sound Transit Board, got back to me about the situation. His comments provide a glimmer of parking hope:
I am aware of the current situation at the MI P&R. We have experienced similar situations at other Sound Transit facilities and are currently considering policy options to address these concerns through a Transit Operation Task Force which has been meeting over the past several months. I expect that the ST Board will be discussing potential recommendations from the TF early next year.

– Email from Fred Butler

Til a better fix, we’ll have more parking rogues and more signs like these:

5 responses to “Park and Ride Still Short on Parking, Riding

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  2. Angry Islander

    I, for one, am absolutely shocked that anyone on The Island would consider riding public transit with those cretins. All of the cars that were photographed must be coming from the run-down tenement villages of Bellevue, Kirkland and Issaquah. Was that a pre-2006 Isuzu in the photo? Jesus H. Christ, what is the world coming to? We should pass an ordinance that prevents non-residents from using our park & ride so that it stays empty and crime-free.

  3. mercerislandblogger

    Wow Angry Islander, you’re well named. While I don’t share your opinion of the residents of certain East Side towns, I do hope to be able to drive to my local park and ride and take the bus.

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