The Race for 41st District State Rep: Litzow v. Maxwell

The Seattle P-I just endorsed Litzow, saying, in effect, that even though he’s a Republican, he’s a good guy. (The P-I tends to endorse Democrats). The Renton Reporter endorsed Maxwell, saying she understands the district better. Let’s see what else is going on in this race.

The Race for Mail and Signs

Litzow’s winning here. He’s sent us tons of mail, and his signs are all over.

The New Media Race

Litzow has a Facebook page with 123 supporters, Maxwell has 31 supporters. To the extent that elections are giant popularity contests, that matters. Both candidates also have Youtube videos, but Litzow managed to embed it directly in his site. Litzow wins on tech savvy.

The Issues

Having exhausted all other evaluations, we turn finally to the issues.

Steve Litzow, our own Mercer Island City Councilman, takes these positions:

  • Education: Provide a competitive wage for teachers (no detail on how to fund it though)
  • Traffic: Continue building carpool lanes over I-90; expand East Side bus service; build an 8-lane 520 with no tolls
  • Environment: Tax incentives for green business, and support Puget Sound Partnership

Marcie Maxwell calls for:

  • Greater funding for schools, so local levies don’t have to fund the basics (also no detail on how)
  • Supporting job growth, healthcare, and the environment, but she’s short on actual proposals
  • Traffic: Fixing 520, but again without specifics for which proposal she endorses

Litzow’s proposals are more detailed and make sense. On tolling, I’d go farther: we should toll both I-90 and SR-520, but any politician who says that now will get trounced.

Richard Sprague’s got other videos and commentary, as well as an earlier video interview with Litzow.

He’s the hometown candidate, he’s moderate on social issues, and he’s got specific and reasonable proposals for traffic and the environment. I’ll vote for Litzow. Steve, if you’re reading this, you can stop sending me mail now.


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