Info Porn: The Evolution of Mercer Island

The site PropertyShark is worth a look. It’s got all kinds of data, like demographics and zoning. Here’s a map (in two pieces) of the age of MI homes.

Notable on North Island is the group of older homes in Mercerdale, the first neighborhood on the Island.

South Island is much newer, with a cluster of pre-1949 and pre-1925 homes on the East side of the Island.

Together, these maps say a lot about the settlement pattern of the Island:

  • The oldest homes (dark blue) are primarily on North Island.
  • A few other old homes are around the edges of the Island. These must have been built as vacation homes with only boat access.
  • The newest homes (magenta) are also around the edge, showing where property values have encouraged owners and developers to tear down and build anew.
  • The majority of homes in the inner neighborhoods were built between 1950 and 1969.

Those old houses on the east Island waterfront are intriguing. Does anyone know their story? Who built them, when, and why?

Thanks, PropertyShark.


2 responses to “Info Porn: The Evolution of Mercer Island

  1. wow! Exceptionally cool! Thanks for posting!

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