Helmet-Cam Video Part 2: I-90 Bridge

jputnam’s at it again, taking weirdly engaging helmet-cam videos of the bike paths around Mercer Island. Here he is riding over the I-90 bike bridge from Mercer Island.

The middle of this video is a little less interesting than jputnam’s last helmet-cam video, mostly because the path is straight and you don’t get the exciting feeling of being about to fall off your bike. But when it gets hard to commute in the winter, this is a good way to remind yourself how much fun it is.

Credit: jputnam on flickr.


2 responses to “Helmet-Cam Video Part 2: I-90 Bridge

  1. Unrelated to the post, but how do we get you information about stuff you may be interested in blogging about?

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Ken, I have almost no idea about what I’ll blog about from day to day, and I can’t say there are any real criteria except that it related to MErcer Island somehow. But I’m open to any topics. Feel free to email me at mercerislandblogger @ yahoo.com if you have any ideas, or would like to guest post in the blog.

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