1st Football Game Tonight at MIHS

On the Mercer Island Bulletin Board, MIHS announces the 1st football game of the season:

With a strategic rider by Dave’s BBQ, who’s been all over the Island. They have some marketing department for a BBQ joint, or a sign-maker on steriods.

Boys’ Basketball is recruiting, and so is Yoga:

Earthcorps is still at it, and there’s a garage sale today and tomorrow.

Rest assured that I am fully committed to my spotty coverage of the Mercer Island Bulletin Board, and there’s a decent-to-strong chance that if a new sign goes up, I’ll be right on it within a week or two.

Bonus link #1:Amazon Fresh is delicious, but also noisy

Sounds like Amazon Fresh is waking people up, but not in a good way. The P-I reported that The Fresh may be breaking noise ordinances here on the Island with early-morning deliveries. Now as you know, we luv us some Amazon Fresh, but we’ve started getting afternoon instead of morning deliveries because those trucks are loud. As soon as we started leaving our windows open at night this spring, I heard how loud the friggin’ truck was.

Bonus link #2:MIHS radio station now at 88.9 FM

Again from the PI, sounds like the MIHS radio station got in a tussle with a station from The Dalles down in Oregon. Hot Jamz Radio is now at 88.9 FM.


2 responses to “1st Football Game Tonight at MIHS

  1. They won 7-6.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Thanks for the update, Ken. We heard lots of cheering on Friday night. Nice job MIHS!

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