First Mercer Island Farmers Market Sells Out

We were in town this weekend after all, and stopped by to see the long-awaited, first Mercer Island Farmers Market. The street was full,

and the cupcakes and clams were sold out when we got there:

Laureen Lapitan and her Pure Passion cupcakes, all sold out.

No more clams either.

In abundance, and not sold out, were flowers:

And there was music too.

Two musicians warming up; they sounded great.

And plenty of organic food:

Mmm- beef – pork- poultry- eggs.

but the only food available for immediate eating was some pizza, and it came with a long line. Likewise, the root beer stand had a long line. There could have been more stands altogether. This was a pretty modest market, and if the attendance at the first market is an indication, it could be two or three times as big.


What about the prices? Well, when you add the words “organic” and “Mercer Island” together, you’re in for some pretty steep prices. But they weren’t as bad as I had feared.

And it’s a producer/ grower-only farmers market- I hope that means the prices keep the small farms profitable. There’s something strange about having a few companies control our country’s entire food supply, no? And it’s nice to see that farms can still beat developers in parts of Puget Sound.

Thanks for the toil

Thanks to all whose hard work put this together- I’ll turn it over to Ken Glass, who commented on an earlier post with this:

Kudos to all the hard work by all the folks who envisioned and created the Farmers Market. I know a few of these folks and am so impressed with their vision, their hard work and their selfless commitment to making this a reality:

Maria Ackley
Nannette Bassett
Tanya Bednarski
Allison Campbell Schwartz
Cecilia Finnigan
Jason King
Tracy Landsman
Marcia Mellinger
Tamae Moriyasu
Lisa Odegard
Callie Ridolfi
Julie Sarkissian

Thanks for the info, Ken. I’ll start looking out for our own statue of Lenin.

You can read more and see the full list of vendors at the Mercer Island Farmers Market website.

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