Mercer Island Now Has a Farmers Market!

Just saw this sign at 40th and ICW:

Finally! We’ve been pining for one since we moved to the Island. If we weren’t going camping this weekend, I’d stop by on Sunday and take a few pictures and a few tasty, probably organic and locally-grown morsels.

Other goings-on at the Mercer Island Bulletin Board:

Youth Theater Northwest is performing Charlotte’s Web through August 10th.

Keytime claims you’ll learn to type in one hour:

And there’s a Boys’ Lacrosse camp, but I’ve been slow on keeping up with the Bulletin Board, so it looks like it’s over.

And it’s that season of the year: political signs are all over.


2 responses to “Mercer Island Now Has a Farmers Market!

  1. Kudos to all the hard work by all the folks who envisioned and created the Famers Market. I know a few of these folks and am so impressed with their vision, their hard work and their selfless commitment to making this a reality:

    Maria Ackley
    Nannette Bassett
    Tanya Bednarski
    Allison Campbell Schwartz
    Cecilia Finnigan
    Jason King
    Tracy Landsman
    Marcia Mellinger
    Tamae Moriyasu
    Lisa Odegard
    Callie Ridolfi
    Julie Sarkissian

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