Miller-Hull on Mercer Island

Today’s house porn comes courtesy of the Contemporist, which found a beautiful Miller-Hull designed house for sale. I haven’t copied the picture, but here’s the real estate agent’s listing, and here it is on Redfin if you want to see it on the map: 5340 Butterworth Rd.

This house won several awards, but Seattle Bubble readers called it fugly.

Turns out Miller-Hull has been active around here. They’ve done another Mercer Island house:

and this one should look familiar, it’s the Mercer Island Community Center:

They’ve got some other beautiful projects around the Puget Sound area, like the South Lake Union Discovery Center and Olympic College in Paulsbo. I covet the Novotny Cabin in the San Juans:

Photo credit for all the photos above from the Miller-Hull website.

To me these designs are graceful and clean. But as mentioned above, others found them fugly. Other thoughts?


4 responses to “Miller-Hull on Mercer Island

  1. I would much rather see houses like the M-H ones. What are really “fugly” are all the new faux stone front, triple-garaged McMansions. In this day of high energy costs, it’s time to rethink and embrace well-designed smaller houses.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    No kidding. A house should only have columns around the door if it’s in Rome or Greece.

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