Mercer Island Farmers Market Update

In this blog I’ve previously asked– well, begged without shame— for a Mercer Island Farmers’ Market. Thanks to a group of active neighbors, plans are moving along. Here are the details, or download this document for more:

Location: North End Mercerdale Park on SE 32nd Street between 77th and 78th Ave SE
Period of Operation: August 10 through September 28 (may be extended into October)
Hours and Day: Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm

Tasty cheese, pretty flowers: what we have to look forward to with a farmers’ market.

The Mercer Island Community Fund put in some “seed” money- heh, heh. Thanks to Callie Ridolfi, the leader of the citizens’ group, who provided this information. Apparently they’re still working on things like traffic and waste services.

We’ll pay more than we would at QFC, but it’ll be local and fresh.


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