Old Mercer Island Street Names

My fiancé found an lot diagram for our house at the King County Parcel Viewer online. It had a number of old street names for streets we know only as numbers, and got me wondering. I checked the quarter maps for a number of locations in Mercer Island and found that the street you live on may not be the street you thought:

  • 74th Ave. SE is Broadway.
  • SE 24th St. is Thompson Ave.
  • SE 42nd St.is Lucas Ave.
  • SE 44th St. is Homestead Ave.
  • 84th Ave. SE is Lakeview Ave.
  • SE 47th St is Theresa Ave.
  • 87th Ave SE is Rondall Ave.

Broadway and Thompson on Mercer Island

Broadway and Thomspon. Who knew? From the King County Tax Assessor.

And here I’d been thinking that the only Mercer Islanders to get proper street names lived off East and West Mercer Way.

I’m addicted to Seattle history blog Vintage Seattle, and just discovered a new blog on Georgetown History. I’m hoping to dig up some good stuff on Mercer Island (the best yet is the multiple sinkings of the Ferry Dawn), and if I can’t, well, I might just make some up. Can’t be outdone by Georgetown, can we.

Know anything about these street names? Remember when they were in use? Know any good sources for MI history? Leave a comment!


2 responses to “Old Mercer Island Street Names

  1. If you’re interested in Mercer Island history, you should meet Phil Flash:

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Thanks Richard! I’ll look him up.

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