Mercer Island Bulletin Board: More Going On for The Yout’s

Hi there, it’s another installment of the Mercer Island Bulletin Board. I don’t know if you’re as intrigued by the various signs that pop up at Island Crest Way and 40th St. as I am, but as a recent and somewhat reluctant refugee from Capitol Hill, I love them. Island Crest and 40th is where I started to love Mercer Island, and where I started to feel a part of the community- even though I know no more than 10 people on the Island yet.

Enough sentimentality. Today’s crop of signs:

Mercer Island Bulletin Board

The band is looking for players at Summer Music on Mercer. Kids, making music is a beautiful thing! Don’t worry if it’s a little dorky. If I had to give you some advice, making music when you’re an adult is very cool, so focus on an instrument as a yout which lets you do that. Guitar: good. Drums: you’ll need accompaniment, you might annoy people and it will be hard to live in an apartment. Piano: works everywhere. Trumpet: works when your audience has strong ears. Violin or viola: you will be truly loved for weddings. Oboe and tuba: you’ll never be able to play alone. Just give it some thought.

Earthcorps is still out there, and some promising young lads will sign up for youth lacrosse.

The sign you can’t see well is for A Little Princess, at Mercer Island’s own Youth Theater Northwest:

A Little Princess

Across the street, it’s a free-for-all, with real estate agents vying with The Church for your attention. I cannot hope to mediate.

Real Estate Competes With Art and Religion

As always, and to good ends, Yes Schools Yes is out there too. Go vote on March 11th to keep our schools good. I will. I am willing to concede and even celebrate that Richard Sprague has made a much more compelling case than I on this issue, and I urge you to read his blog. And vote, people.

And see you soon at ICW and 40th.


2 responses to “Mercer Island Bulletin Board: More Going On for The Yout’s

  1. The Mercer Island high school band is actually really good. They have had a great music program for a long time. If you get a chance you should go see them perform.

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Thanks Daniel. Maybe we’ll stop by- probably won’t try out for it though.

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