Amazon Fresh, Don’t Leave Us to the Mercy of Mercer Island Grocery Stores

Photo credit: Flickr.

A friend noted that the Amazon Fresh pickup station in Kirkland was shuttered one day a few weeks ago. In this letter The Fresh confirms that its pickup stations are discontinued:

“In order to meet the considerable demands of the expansion of the home-delivery portion of our business, we are shifting our team’s efforts to focus on this area. As a result, starting on 15 February 2008, we will no longer be offering the AmazonFresh Pick-up service.”

Amazon Fresh’s home page says:

“Pre-Dawn, Doorstep, and Attended delivery options are available for neighborhoods in the following zip codes: 98004, 98005*, 98006*, 98007, 98008, 98033, 98039, 98040, 98102, 98109, 98112*, 98116, 98118*, 98119, 98122*, 98126, 98136, 98144*. (*Limited coverage)”

The best Mercer Island grocery store
Not discontinued. Photo credit: Flickr.

Don’t leave the 98040, Fresh! We’ll be stuck with the Mercer Island QFCs, doomed to the irony of standing in line longer to pay more for groceries.

Let me take a break from begging to note other news for addicts like us:

  • The letter hints at more local and organic products, nice since there’s no farmers market on Mercer Island.
  • Totes now nest, which is handy if like us you forget to put them out a couple of times and end up with seven of the suckers. In case the concept is difficult, Amazon Fresh includes a helpful diagram (credit: Amazon Fresh site): How the Totes Stack

Full disclosure: a friend works at Amazon Fresh, but that’s not the source of my devotion. I was skeptical until I tried the service.

Amazon Fresh TotesTotes, we’ll leave you out for pickup, but come back soon.

Photo credit: Flickr.


7 responses to “Amazon Fresh, Don’t Leave Us to the Mercy of Mercer Island Grocery Stores

  1. Mercer Islander

    I find the supermarkets here friendly and having most of what I’m looking for most often. I certainly prefer Trader Joes or PCC…but QFC seems to be just fine most of the time.

  2. BTW, my wifecomplained about all the extra packaging inside the totes and they responded that Amazon Fresh recycles the plastic and paper bags to the Food Bank.

  3. mercerislandblogger

    Mercer Islander, the service usually is friendly at the QFCs, you’re right about that. It’s the waiting- if they had more checkout lanes open more often, we probably never would have tried Amazon Fresh. But at least when you get to the end of the line, the person checking you out is usually quite genial.

  4. I panicked when I saw your plea about not abandoning 98040, thinking maybe you had info they were dumping us. Fortunately it’s not true, as I heard just now in an email from their management:

    “So please spread the word that AmazonFresh has absolutely no intention to discontinue our service to Mercer Island and infact plans to grow its service there by welcoming new customers and their families.”

  5. Mercer Islander

    Blogger, thanks for the note. Is that the Northend QFC or the Southend. Must admit, I don’t have much experience with the Northend. At the Southend, it’s kinda like Starbucks…where they know you as you wait in usually (85% of the time) very short lines if at all….

  6. mercerislandblogger

    It’s the north end. We’re in between, so we’ve used both, but usually North QFC as we come home from work.

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