The Mercer Island Bulletin Board, Island Crest and 40th

Even before we moved to Mercer Island, just thinking about buying a house here, I noticed that the intersection at Island Crest Way and 40th St. was a bulletin board for the Island. Find anything neighbors are talking about, anyone who wants to win elected office, and all youth rec leagues there. For those of you who don’t go by it regularly, here’s a recap.

So what are the neighbors talking about?

At first we saw sandwich boards touting local candidates for the November election. As it got closer to Election Day, those boards came with human accessories. In the early winter, the Bulletin Board provided what I have to assume was a critical recruiting function for the basketball and hockey teams of Mercer Island Schools. Then came the February Democratic Caucus, and the signs became political and gained human escorts again.

That was then. What are the neighbors talking about today?

Today the Bulletin Board at ICW and 40th says:

Bulletin board 2008-2-11

Education is good

Yes Schools Yes is an encouragement to renew existing levies that shore up public funding for schools. The proceeds of this local property tax are to the state-provided amount, to “alleviate the shortfall” from the state-funded amount alone, according to the website. The site’s sponsor, the Committee for Mercer Island Public Schools (CMIPS) also says, “the levy is for a specific dollar amount per year. If property values go up, the tax rate goes down to keep the amount collected the same.” Though if your property values go up disproportionately to the rest of the Island, you’ll pay more for this tax as a result.

Seattle: We have a greener, crunchier Americorps

Earthworks is a local version of Americorps and Teach for America, focused on the environment. The organization is based in Seattle, and projects are in Puget Sound and the Cascades. Its site says it staffs around 10,000 volunteers a year.

And it’s baseball season at the Boys and Girls Club of Mercer Island:

As new signs pop up, I’ll put them up, as long as I have time to stop and take the photos on the way to work.


6 responses to “The Mercer Island Bulletin Board, Island Crest and 40th

  1. Mercer Islander

    Yes, you notice that’s a place to get the message out. You’ll see lots of election related signs, signups for little league, real estate open houses and the occassional prom ask. Sometimes real political hot issues get protested there. And you’ll see a car wash or two for some charity or sports team.

  2. Hey, how did you figure out where that school levy site is?

  3. mercerislandblogger

    I googled “Vote Yes Schools Mercer Island” and the link popped up. they really ought to have an url on the sign though.

  4. Mercer Islander

    Agreed….very few people would do what our esteemed blogger did and google a phrase like that!

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