Mercer Island Grocery Stores: You’ve Got To Be Kidding

When we moved to Mercer Island, I was a little disappointed with the grocery stores. Two QFCs, and a hidden Albertson’s. Albertson’s isn’t a great grocery store. Sometimes I even have trouble finding the food in there.

My disappointment has slowly turned into a permanent feeling of dismay, and yes, claustrophobia. Of course it’s a lovely place, but when you’re in the middle of an island, you’ll probably pay way to much for a lime ($0.79? really?) than drive 25 minutes to and from the store. Yes, you can choose QFC North or QFC South, but there’s no reasonable alternative to QFC- it owns Mercer Island.

Take, friends, the case of a delicious meal from Thai Kitchen. If you haven’t tried these yet, I highly recommend them. The product to the far left is coconut milk, and it cost $2.88 at QFC. Delicious

Richard Sprague has been reporting on a farmers’ market forming in Mercer Island. Bring on the locally grown, free-range and hormone free chickens! I’d shop there, even though I’ve been to enough to know that the prices will probably be higher, not lower, than the local grocery store.

Anyway, back to the present. Mercer Island does have a white knight:
Amazon Fresh
Yes, Amazon, that Pac-Med-habitating, low-price-setting, picking and packing hometown wonder, which first got Fresh on Mercer Island. Amazon Fresh delivers, and they charge $1.66 for the same coconut milk.

Until we get the happy chickens and the expensive honey in our own Mercer Island farmers market, we’ll be shopping at Costco and Amazon Fresh.

BREAKING UPDATE: If you like a slice of lime with your Thai food (I highly recommend it), you’ll find a lime for $0.89 at QFC vs. $0.39 at Amazon Fresh. Somebody call the CNN Situation Room.

10 responses to “Mercer Island Grocery Stores: You’ve Got To Be Kidding

  1. Mercer Islander

    We want Trader Joes. Make sure to visit to voice your vision for stores

  2. mercerislandblogger

    Mercer Islander, I want a Trader Joe’s too. Bellevue can keep its big box stores, but I’ll take affordable wine and well-selected ethnic foods any day! How do we lure the Trader to the Island?

  3. Hi – welcome to the island! The lack of food here really is astonishing – our family is firmly into the costco + amazon method at this point. There was some discussion a year ago about getting a Trader Joe’s (you can see it here: )


  4. Mercer Islander

    Cellar46 has a good wine selection….their prices are OK…decent with the 10% off…also heard that if you order through their website ( the delivery is free.

    Aslo, fyi, some Mercer Islanders are in the wine business (e.g. Pepper Bridge, Amavi)..

  5. mercerislandblogger

    Thanks for the note, Mercer Islander. I’ll check out Cellar 46, and the wines with a connection to MI.

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  7. I heard that PCC was looking into opening a store but couldn’t afford property here.

  8. mercerislandblogger

    PCC would be an improvement too.

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