Mercer Island Park and Ride Finally Open

The Mercer Island Park and Ride, a feat of engineering on a scale with the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the Denny Regrade, and other wonders of Seattle-Area Engineering, is finally open:


Even though it looks like a humble two-story parking garage next to a bus stop, it must be more than that or it wouldn’t have cost over $16 million and taken two years to build. My guess is that the Park-And-Ride is secretly

  • A military bunker
  • Mercer Island’s only decent grocery store
  • Mike Huckabee’s campaign headquarters

The P-R was originally supposed to open last March. The new park and ride means that commuters like me don’t have to walk 15 minutes from the other side of the North shopping center, having parked somewhat illegally because too few spots are available at the interim Park-And-Ride, and potentially having slipped and fallen when there’s ice on the sidewalks. Yes, I speak from experience.


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